Youthreach Program and Mission

Youthreach Program and MissionThe Youthreach program was established to provide youth with education, training and personal development inside and outside the classroom. The program fosters creativity and exploring through a caring, respectful and safe environment.

The first aim of the program is to provide engagement opportunities to students through education and training. This is achieved through a variation of courses that are offered at different educational levels and for all types and levels of students.

The Program also seeks to mesh and include language, literacy and numeracy in various aspects of the programme. This is done through continuous assessment from beginning to end of programme to allow instructors insight into students’ progress.

Another objective that Youthreach attempts to reach is the development of students’ personal and social skills. The programme helps personal and social development through a variety of social education at different levels and through offering different socialization opportunities and environments.

Each individual student will hopefully leave the programme with a greater sense of personal, environmental and community based responsibility. The programme helps educate students about the elements of a healthy lifestyle and practices these elements in their daily ongoings.

As a program, Youthreach is also attempting to develop its network by reaching out to and

creating links with local agencies, organisations and stakeholders. The first step in doing so in ensuring parents are engaged and that there are open lines of communication with parents and guardians.

The mission and objectives of the programme are sought to carried out by engaged staff who partake in a collaborative approach and provide a unified front. Staff are active participants in the programme’s activities and affairs and thus they are consistently engaged and interested.

Finally, the ultimate goal is to ensure that students leave the programme well equipped to transition to further education, work and to real life.