Training Programs and Services

WWETB goes beyond the classroom to offer hands on experience to students and to help individuals gain and develop transferable skills. It gives individuals a taste of the workplace and allows an opportunity to explore different career avenues while gaining valuable experience.

Training Courses

Training Programs and ServicesWaterford and Wexford Training Services provides unparalleled courses and programs for returning learners. The programme spans all of South East Ireland. The ETB has developed one of a kind training centres and facilities across the county. The courses are delivered by experienced and knowledgeable staff who are well equipped and well educated in order to provide individuals with a plethora of knowledge, skills and information to equip them to enter the workforce. The education provided is of the very highest standard of training under the national government Department of Education and Skills title/brand The Education and Training Board.

These courses are designed to meet the needs and desires of new graduates, new entrants to the workforce, those with disabilities, people seeking to change careers or career paths, those looking to refresh their skills, as well as those seeking to gain and develop new skills.


Waterford and Wexford Training Centre offers a number of apprenticeships. The state of the art facilities offer the abosolute best possible learning environment for students. The facilities are clean, accessible and well equipped for the apprentices. In addition, the staff are highly qualified with years of relevant experience in their fields as well as an extensive education and vast experience in teaching roles.

An apprenticeship is the most popular and recognised way to become a craftsperson or tradesman in Ireland. The program involves a combination of in and out of class learning and offers extensive on-the-job training and experience. The combination of the analytical and theoretical learning with hands on learning and real experience help students become employable and help apprentices develop their skills and knowledge to meet the every changing needs of the job market.