Outdoor Learning Centre

The Waterford and Wexford Education and Training BoardThe Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board are proud, and very fortunate to have an outdoor learning centre to offer students, individuals and citizens of the county. Shielbaggan Outdoor Education and Training Cnetre has been around and has been offering outdoor education and training for over 25 years now. The learning center is located at the base of the Hook peninsula and is accessible to virtually everyone.

The centre offers an exciting opportunity to learn about the outdoors, to learn outdoor activities and to get actieve. There are programmes and activities for everyone including adventure sport that is both in the water and on land. The programmes are designed for youth but there are special programmes for adults as well. The ideal South Eastern location means that the centre has access to and offers students one of the best beaches in Ireland. The Centre can also accommodate individuals or large groups. The centre is equipped to handle groups of any size.

Shielbaggan is proud to provide quality outdoor programmes for a diverse range of clients and to help students learn about the outdoors but also about themselves. It does not matter if the individuals are beginners or experts with the sports or the centre, the programmes are customizable and are what you make of them. The large group activities are great for school groups and other large organized outings and the individual offerings are great for fine tuning skills and specialized activities and courses.

The staff at the centre is all well trained, well equipped and very knowledgeable. They love to help students find a way to learn while having fun. The Centre is open during regular hours, and for those with concerns, questions or comments can reach the centre via telephone or email. The centre is open seasonally and hours depend on weather and other factors.