IT Support and Issues

IT Support and IssuesWWETB understands that technology is an increasingly significant and inevitable part of our daily lives. As such, all of the units under the direction of WWETB are equipped with technology to meet the needs of student and staff. Computers, tablets and other resources can be found within school, colleges and learning centres as tools and resources to enhance the learning experience of students and to facilitate learning for staff.

WWETB aims to accommodate the ever changing technological needs of schools and learning facilities and makes its best effort to keep up with changing software and technology. In order to do so, WWETB has an IT team of well trained, professionals that are readily available to support staff and students if and when they need it. The IT department is located in Ardcavan and is accessible during school and business hours via email. Service tickets are available along with real time support. Email is the most efficient and timely way to contact the department and phone calls should be reserved for urgent matters only. This allows an efficient and timely handling of issues. The caveat to this is if a password reset is required, at which point the individual should call the IT department. The IT Department is, once again, accessible during business hours, but staff should be aware that there may be a wait or delay in response if and when there is a high volume of issues.

Remote support is also available for small, non-pressing matters. In order to access this tool, the IT Department may request and assist staff and faculty to install TEAMVIEWER software. This software will allow for self-help and resolution of non-urgent, everyday issues with computers, tablets or mobile devices. The software is easy to use and access and will allow for quick resolution and more timely results. The software is secure and monitored by the IT Department so to ensure it is effective and serving its purpose.