Human Resources and Employee Resources

Human Resources and Employee ResourcesThe WWETB prides itself on remaining transparent with students, parents, staff, faculty and other stakeholders. This includes access to our internal policies, procedures and practices. The largest and most significant portion of our internal functioning is the Human Resources department.

The Human Resources team is a team of well equipped professionals who are able to provide exceptional service and meet the needs of the ETB’s staff and faculty. The employees with WWETB are crucial and add extreme value to the team and to the learning experience of students. The aim is to create a two way working relationship and to help facilitate communication and efficiency.

The Human Resources Department is a core function of any and all organizations. This unit has many roles and responsibilities, each of which are crucial to the success of the organization or company on an operational and strategic level.

Policies & Procedures

The HR Department enforces, embodies and helps in the creation of internal policies and procedures.

Employee and Labour Relations

The HR Department is the ears and voice of employees across the organization, offering support, guidance and solutions to issues and topics related to Labour relations.

Legal Matters

The HR department also interprets, explains and acts as a liaison, interpreter and enforcer of legal matters between employees and the organization


HR is in charge of the complex process of recruitment, selection and often the training of new employees.

Workforce planning

Succession and workforce planning are also the responsibility of the HR team who ensure that staff are efficient, happy and in the position that is best suited for their needs, wants and skillset.

Training and Development

Employees undergo continuous training to ensure they are well equipped and knowledgeable and have all the tools they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Compensation and Benefits

Employees are entitled to fair compensation and benefits, a responsibility of the HR team.

Leave entitlements

Employees who retire, leave or move on use the HR team to ensure they receive the leave benefits to which they are entitled.